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Success Stories

I highly recommend Gina Gerrato for any student looking to get into a phenomenal college. She is extremely knowledgeable about everything college related and more. She helped me not only to gather my knowledge,passions,and interests but to take these aspects of my life and apply them. With the help of Gina,I was able to take my passion for Autism Awareness and create an

informational video which I then was able to spread and share at the community level. Gina truly cares about all of her students, which is why she is so successful at what she does. Gina is extremely knowledgeable about service projects,internships and leadership opportunities that can help a student stand out in the admissions process. She really did help me transform my entire essence into my applications and essays,which positively resulted in many college acceptances. I am very proud to be attending the University of Michigan in fall and I know if would not have been possible without the amazing work of Gina Gerrato.

Cassie’s Advice for other students: Start as early as possible and stay on top of your timeline. It will help you to get ahead before November. Take a deep breathe every now and then. I had so much less stress than my friends because of the guidance I received.

Cassie Jordan: University of Michigan
( Accepted to 12 Selective Universities)

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I really enjoyed coming to my college counseling sessions because we accomplished so much each week. Gina was very helpful,informative and quick to respond to my questions. Each week she welcomed me to our appointments with a huge smile, which was very motivating for me. I recommend that students seek Gina’s guidance during the application process. Although many students feel that they do not need a counselor, I guarantee that they will appreciate

choosing her, as I did. She will open up many more opportunities for students. If you are eager to attend a good school, she is the counselor you want to have. She definitely knows what to do, how to help you get organized and keep you on track for all of your goals.

Sayaka Kuwayama,
University of California, San Diego

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Gina gave me personalized attention and was always there to answer questions over the phone or text and was extremely flexible for meeting in person. The advice she gave me was spot on and she did not miss anything at all. Gina did a great job helping me navigate through the maze that every high school senior has to go through with college applications. She was

wonderful in breaking down the process into digestible parts and helped tremendously with time management and organization of apps. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Jiayong Li
University of California,Berkeley

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Gina made this entire process so easy and with her continued guidance we were able to choose the best fit for my daughter. I would have been lost without her, and I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend the services of Gina Gerrato at Greenahus Consulting. We could not have achieved all that we did without her. She was worth every dime we spent. My daughter not only got into her #1 school,but in addition received an academic

scholarship. There were many hours spent preparing and organizing all of the college applications and other documents. With Gina’s guidance, Bianca was able to fully manage the process without my assistance. The best part was that I had the pleasure of not stressing about any of this.

Parent: Tatiana Tonekaboni
San Diego,California

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When I initially began searching for colleges, I was very confused about where to apply and how to complete all of the applications and essays on time. Gina helped me streamline the process in a very short time. She provided me with some great college search tools which helped me to learn more about what I was looking for in a school. She also encouraged me to do career surveys and personality testing which helped me to realize my desire to study business.

I highly recommend that students work with Gina Gerrato of Greenhaus Consulting for their junior/senior year of college applications. Each week I came to our sessions I felt as though I had accomplished something that brought me closer to my goal. I would not have been able to apply to as many schools as I did without the assistance I have received. Gina truly cared about me throughout the process. I was not only accepted to my top school but received a Merit Scholarship both there and to many other schools as well. Gina is also very knowledgeable about careers and college majors. I always felt that my questions were answered which helped me to move forward and make important decisions for my future.

Bianca’s Advice for other high school students:
I highly advise students and parents to begin college counseling by the fall of junior year. Students need to have professional advisement on their extracurricular,volunteer work,and learn more about how colleges will view their activities.

Bianca Dinis: University of San Francisco
Accepted to 10 Universities

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Gina is an amazing college counselor. I looked forward to coming to my appointments each week. I had no idea where I wanted to attend college, what I would study or what I could get out of a four year education. Gina helped me to identify some goals for myself and with her guidance and expertise I was able to identify so many great

schools and programs that I would never have found on my own. I was not at all stressed during the application process. Gina really broke down the process into manageable steps for me. In the end I was accepted to 13 schools and the hardest part was deciding where to attend.

Tallie Johnson : Western Washington University
Accepted to 13 Universities

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Ms. Gerrato helped to facilitate the completion of applications,essays and inquiries for our son. This turned out to be an excellent decision for our family. As a result of Gina’s help and counseling our son was accepted at several universities some with academic scholarships.

Gina also provided us with much information, compiling factual documents about each college, which helped us to understand the culture and qualities of each school. This information also helped us on college visits and prepared us when meeting with admissions personnel. Even after our son had made his choice of Point Loma Nazarene University, Gina stayed involved in an effort to ensure that his entry was not going to be blind. We can unequivocally recommend Gina Gerrato.

Joe Maruca
San Diego parent

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Gina is awesome! Blessed with patience and a great deal of expertise, she understands the angst that entire families go through in trying to prepare for applying to college. She is reassuring and puts your family at ease and on a clear path to decide where your child might want to study and knowing the milestones in preparing an application for those particular schools.

She has a great way of being a student’s partner through the process, patiently walking them through the application, step-by-step, listening to who they are and their aspirations, and working together to bring the best out of the student and putting it on paper for college admissions counselors to evaluate. As parents, we generated many, many questions, and Gina was always available by telephone and email to answer them almost immediately. She very kindly focused us on the things that mattered and explained why other things that we had doubts about mattered much less. In a very short time, she helped our son get into a great top-10 engineering university nationally. Our family highly recommends Gina and Greenhaus College Consulting!

P. Villegas
Horizon Christian School !

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